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We are a team of creative problem solvers.

IDG Advertising isn’t just a marketing agency; we’re a team of dedicated professionals whose passion for what we do drives us to provide the best that digital marketing has to offer. When you choose IDG, you’re choosing imagination, dedication, and growth for your business. We push the envelope with innovative design, effective SEO tactics, and engaging social media presence to position your company at the forefront of digital marketing success. 

Our personal approach to a digital industry is what makes us stand apart from the rest, as we consistently strive to foster meaningful relationships with each client. At IDG, you’ll never receive an automated phone message or visit an empty building. We are a social and approachable team of friendly individuals who are here with the sole desire to help your business succeed, both online and off. 

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Technology changes everyday, but there’s one thing that will remain the same at IDG: the fact that we are extremely passionate people going the extra mile to find solutions.

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Caffeine Addicts

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Tom Cruise

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Your Typical Marketing Company

Our history.

est. 1992

Our top priority is to provide you with the support needed to reach your goals. After all, your success means our success, and we believe in creating relationships and keeping them. We can promise that you will always receive a straight answer – and an honest one.

We aren’t here to spit out a website, a cheap brand, or basic social posts. We owe the past decades of success to our consistent quality, exceptional teamwork, and full dedication. We want to make our work unforgettable. Isn’t that what you deserve?

We like to try new things and push the envelope. Technology changes everyday, but there’s one thing that will remain the same at IDG: the fact that we are real people. You will never receive an automated message from our phone lines. You will never visit an empty building. We are social. We are approachable. We are breathing, thinking human beings with real ideas. We are here to help connect that digital aspect to your real consumers. We are here for you.


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Careers at IDG Advertising

Our team is made up of borderline crazy, passionate people.  If you consider yourself ambitious, hungry, and smart with a can-do attitude, you may just be what we’re looking for. We’re always seeking talented and enthusiastic individuals with a passion for digital marketing. As long as you’re not a Nigerian prince, an offshore outsourcing company, or a bot, we’d love to hear from you.

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